Creative Work

Apple Outgrows Us

Apple's success is on a collision course with its advertising.  All these years, Apple has presented itself as the product of the iconoclast, the free thinker and they were able to keep this image intact even when their sales and stocks soared.  Turns out their is a worm in the apple.

Grandmas and Youtube

Grandma does the back-up dance while her 13 year old grandchild moves his lips to the most hard-core misogynist rap he could find online. This is what gets the views on youtube nowadays. There is something cute about grandmas no matter what they do and this one can actually dance. But why "Rack-City Bitch"?

Trying Too Hard

Two of my favorite artists collaborated to produce a track.  I probably was faster  on the play click than anyone.  I really wanted to like "Angels & Stars"  by Lupe Fiasco and Tinie Tempah featuring some modern day Bon Jovi but it just annoys me too much.

French & Guitar #1

I am having my Eat Pray Love moment sans the chronic dissatisfaction.  I am fantasizing about far away places, revisiting the spiritual teachings that seemed true to me and doing stuff that I always wanted to do but did not make time for.  In comes my french and guitar lessons.  Listen with caution because I butcher both.

French & Guitar by solchica

When Bliss is Not Appropriate

One of the things that I miss about being in North Carolina the most, is being able to visit, eat with and be with Bo Lozoff.  His reality based spirituality was something that I always appreciated because I've seen so many people use spirituality to divorce themselves from reality instead of truly embracing it.