Teaching English in a German World

Weekend mornings at my house are messy but blissful - legos strewn all over the floor by our 4 year old, our teen sleeping in, while my partner and I attach ourselves to the couch and occasionally talk over newspapers. My son provides the soundtrack by counting, singing and role playing all in qerman.

About two years ago it dawned on me that my son's mother tongue was german although his mother spoke to him primarily in english. This was a disorienting ego-check that made me step back and re-evaluate how I wanted to manage languages in our household.

Dear Penn State Students

-photo from NYT

The police have been all about depleting their mace and tear gas reserves lately so I was not surprised to read that people were crying tears of state-issued fire but I was surprised that Penn State students comprised the rowdy mob that the police were trying to tame.