Anti- Competitive Spirit

I never fancied myself a runner but I needed to find a way to take my fitness out of the gym and be able to exercise while traveling so I became a runner. My rhythm is pretty basic - music in my headphones, enough clothes to keep me warm and I hit the streets.

If the weather permits and sometimes when it doesn't, I run next to my son as he bikes to kindergarten, drop-him off, and then I run back home.  I thought I was doing 3 miles with this trek but my ever techie partner brought his smartphone with a "track your run" app" on my last run and revealed that I was only doing a bit more than 2 miles.  On my way home I decided to lap the planetarium park (about 800 meters around) a few times to hit that 3 mile mark.  As I was coasting through my laps, I was struck by how easy it was this time when last weekend, it wasn't so easy.