Trying Too Hard

Two of my favorite artists collaborated to produce a track.  I probably was faster  on the play click than anyone.  I really wanted to like "Angels & Stars"  by Lupe Fiasco and Tinie Tempah featuring some modern day Bon Jovi but it just annoys me too much.

It plays like the soundtrack to a movie where the acting is so bad that the music has to tell you what to feel.  The song is so dressed up I can't see what is underneath but it is clear that better production does not equal better music.

Walking the road towards pop stardom as a hip-hop artist is tricky.  Both artists seemed to be able to find a balance between beats and bubble gum on their last albums but this song goes over the top.  It sounds like everything else and nothing at all.  I can't remember one line on first listen and on second listen it seems to be vaguely about how hard/awesome it is to be so famous.  Right.  Really?  These dudes have so much to say but they each get like 4 bars each and the rest of the song is Eric Turner burning the painful "Angels & Stars" refrain into your skull.  These dudes are wasted adding a little bit of flavor to a mediocre track.  Damm.

Looking at the comments to the release, it seems that I was one of the few disappointed.  I would have just loved an easy freestyle with these two. Their talent is effortless and they make better main attractions than side-men.

What do you think?

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