US Army Deserter Seeks Asylum in Germany

I was wondering where André Shepard went and it turns out that he hid in Germany for one year, married a German and is now seeking Asylum. I'm not hearing about him from any US media sources so here is are two clips. The first video details the current situation and in second video he eloquently explains his reasons for leaving the military.

He claims that the US is committing war crimes in Iraq and that he had to leave for reasons of conscience. Most soldiers have conflicts of conscience but it takes a rare person to actually risk peril and walk away. If the US gets him back they may give him life in prison or the death penalty. In any case, he can never safely set foot in the US again.  Shepard says that he could not honor his oath to uphold the constitution and follow the orders of the president simultaneously because the War in Iraq violates The Constitution.

I will follow Germany's response.  The US has not left Germany since WWII and has permanent bases here so Germany's decision has implications for the thousands of US soldiers that are based in or come through Germany.

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