A Tribe Called Quest Talks About Being Shut Out Of Their Own Documentary

Tribe breaks the silence and talks about the Documentary about their music careers  Beats, Rhymes and Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest. The members of Tribe except for Phife did not show up at the Sundance Festival debut because of ongoing concerns about the project. Michael Rapaport directed the film and in opposition to many of Tribe's requests decided to sacrifice collaboration for power.

If you want to skip to the moral of this story, check out the last video.  Q-Tip gives it to all other artists straight, no chaser "We need to tell our own stories.  We are griots."  This story is not new.  How many artists lose control over projects that are centered around their talent?  Artists should only work with people they trust and can hold legally accountable when intentions get lost in greed.

Tribe is not perfect and obviously Phife and Tip have old beef but I think they handled the situation as maturely as the circumstances allowed. I love Tribe and this interview just underscored how thoughtful and profound these dudes are.

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