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Ahhh to be rich.  The rich seem to love it and everyone else in America is so convinced that after their big break reality show/invention, they will be rich too and vote accordingly.  Sure there are hold-outs that vote according to their class interests but the allure of  upward mobility in the US have people reluctant to acknowledge their class at all much less align themselves with any class based movement because of the illusion that class is just temporary.

According to Fox News that has all changed and "class warfare" promoted by the Democrats is threatening the country.  As if.  Democrats have missed the populist boat on that one because they can only champion social justice to the extent that their major sponsors (read rich people) allow.  No one bites the hand that feeds them especially when they have the voracious appetite for funding that the 2 major parties have.

The Gaurdian has done a little article on the rich getting richer at the expense of everyone else in the states.  The idea is that the government gave the rich breaks based on the premise that wealthy people knew best what to do with money.  Turns out they were not interested in the common good as much as their own profit.  Shocking. Maybe they will figure it out if we give them more money.

This is happening worldwide.  How realistic is class warfare though?  Why is any admission that most people are poor seen as class warfare? The comedian, Hari Kondabolu (video below) nails how laughable the idea of class warfare is.  While the anger at the uber-wealthy and the system that allows this to happen on the backs of the poor is there, the unity and will of the people to admit their poverty and band together because of it is not.  We would rather spare the feelings of the people that are hanging the rest of us out to dry on the off chance that they might invite us over for tea. That is why what is happening in Wisconsin is so remarkable.

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